VW Diesel Cars

VW Diesel Cars: From Its Creation To Its Impact On The Global Automotive Industry.

VW diesel cars have a long history tracing all the way back to the 1930s. When Ferdinand Porsche, pioneer behind the Porsche brand, was employed by Adolf Hitler to make a famous German car. Known as the “Volkswagen”. Porsche fostered the fundamental plan of the Volkswagen, which turned into the popular “Scarab”. The Creepy crawly turned into a symbol of auto plan and was sold everywhere, including the US.

Notwithstanding, the genuine start of Volkswagen diesel vehicles occurred during the 1970s. This was when the oil emergency provoked the car business to search for more eco-friendly other options. In 1976, Volkswagen presented its most memorable diesel model, the Golf, in Europe. The diesel motor was eco-friendlier and more delivered less fumes outflows contrasted with fuel motors.

In the last part of the 1970s, Volkswagen started sending out its diesel models to the US. Where interest for more eco-friendly vehicles was on the ascent. During the 1980s, Volkswagen sent off a diesel rendition of its famous Jetta model. It became one of the most outstanding selling models in the US.

In this note Mecanica Diesel we will see a few models of VW diesel cars that you can find.



The Touareg is one of the most meaningful models of the Volkswagen brand. This extravagance SUV is known for its strong diesel motor, smooth plan and top of the line gear. Since it sends off in 2002, the Touareg has been a well-known decision for those looking for a mix of execution, solace and style.

The Touareg is accessible in a few variants, each with an alternate diesel motor. The base model highlights a V6 TDI motor that produces 228 drive and 369 pound-feet of force. Further developed models incorporate a 4.0-liter V8 TDI motor. Which produces 416 drive and 664 pound-feet of force. This motor is fit for advancing rapidly from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Making it quite possibly of the quickest SUV available.

Notwithstanding its power, this VW diesel cars likewise brags a host wellbeing and comfort highlights. It incorporates a 15-inch touchscreen that controls the vehicle’s infotainment framework. As well as route and environment control. It likewise includes a rearview camera, stopping sensors and a great sound framework.

Despite its huge size, the Touareg is shockingly eco-friendly. Its diesel motor offers great efficiency. Pursuing it a superb decision for those searching for a strong and agreeable SUV that is likewise harmless to the ecosystem.

To put it plainly, the Touareg is one of the most incredible diesel SUVs available. With its strong motor, rich plan and very good quality gear. It is a phenomenal decision for those searching for an extravagance and elite execution vehicle.


Vento Luxury

Vento Luxury is a line of VW diesel cars that has situated itself as one of the most famous on the lookout. This line of vehicles has been planned with top notch materials and a profoundly productive diesel motor that offers extraordinary execution.

Volkswagen diesel vehicles” have become progressively famous as of late because of their eco-friendliness and low natural effect. Volkswagen motors offer remarkable power and smooth speed increase capacities. Pursuing them a famous decision among drivers searching for an elite exhibition vehicle.

Vehicles in the Vento Luxury line are intended to offer a lavish driving encounter. From the excellent inside to the trend setting innovation utilized in the assembling of these vehicles, everything about been painstakingly thought out to furnish drivers with an agreeable and safe driving experience.

Furthermore, VW diesel cars are known for their low support costs. Making them ideal for drivers searching for a vehicle that will furnish them with ideal long-haul execution.

These vehicles offer an excellent choice for drivers searching for an extravagance vehicle with a profoundly effective diesel motor. With their remarkable presentation, cutting edge innovation and excellent plan, these vehicles are at the highest point of their group in the extravagance vehicle market.



The Volkswagen Gol is one of the German brand’s most famous models. And its diesel rendition has been a well-known decision among drivers searching for an eco-friendly and conservative vehicle.

The Gol’s diesel motor offers extraordinary mileage. Making it ideal for those driving significant distances or hoping to lessen their fuel costs. Moreover, it has a lot of force, making it particularly helpful for parkway driving.

Regarding plan, these VW diesel cars include smooth, present day lines, with an unmistakable front grille and Drove headlights that complement its energetic and dynamic person. Furthermore, it has a roomy and agreeable lodge. It effectively adjusts to the requirements of the driver and travelers.

The Gol likewise brags an abundance innovation and security highlights, including driver help frameworks. For example, programmed crisis slowing down and versatile voyage control, which assist with decreasing the gamble of mishaps and upgrade the driving experience.

The Volkswagen Gol diesel is a dependable and proficient vehicle, offering an abundance of elements and innovation in a smooth and present day bundle. Assuming you are searching for VW diesel cars that join efficiency, power and trend setting innovation, the Gol is an astounding decision.



The Saveiro is Volkswagen’s reduced pickup truck intended for greatest effectiveness and adaptability. Since its send off, the Saveiro has procured a standing as a rough, dependable and simple to-deal with pickup truck, ideal for moving light loads in the city or in the open country.

It is outfitted with a high-proficiency TDI diesel motor that conveys up to 110 pull. This motor is known for its brilliant presentation, low emanations and smooth running. What’s more, it includes an immediate fuel infusion framework that further develops efficiency and lessen ecological effect.

The Saveiro’s lodge is extensive and agreeable, with ergonomic seating and a mid-control area intended for simple admittance to controls. The instrument board is clear and simple to peruse, with checks for temperature, oil tension and speed.

As far as security, the Saveiro as one of the VW diesel cars comes outfitted with four-wheel circle brakes, ABS and electronic steadiness control. It likewise has front and side airbags to safeguard the tenants in the event of a mishap.



This is one of the most well-known VW diesel cars in its line of diesel vehicles. This vehicle is known for its flexibility and usefulness, and has been involved all around the world for various purposes, from freight transportation to traveler transportation.

Volkswagen vehicles are extremely well known all over the planet because of their eco-friendliness and solidness. The Transporter specifically is a well-known decision for those searching for a vehicle that can perform various tasks. Ideal for those need to move weighty burdens, as well as those searching for an extensive vehicle to convey travelers.

The Transporter is accessible in various models and sizes to suit each client’s requirements. Moreover, Volkswagen’s diesel motor innovation is known for its solid exhibition and low natural effect.

The most recent Volkswagen models come furnished with trend setting innovation, including best in class wellbeing elements and top notch theater setups. Drivers can likewise partake in an elevated degree of solace and comfort, because of the large number of seating and stockpiling choices.

All in all, the Volkswagen Transporter is an amazing decision for those searching for an effective, flexible and dependable diesel vehicle. Whether you are searching for a vehicle for business or individual use, the Transporter brings a great deal to the table. With a long history of value and toughness, Volkswagen vehicles are a well-known decision for drivers all over the planet.



The Volkswagen Tiguan is a minimal SUV delivered by the German brand Volkswagen beginning around 2007. One of the features of this model is its diesel motor, which offers incredible energy proficiency and outstanding execution.

The Tiguan is intended to offer fantastic mileage, going with it an incredible decision for those searching for an all the more harmless to the ecosystem and financially savvy choice to drive. Furthermore, this motor is equipped for conveying a lot of force and force, creating it an extremely flexible vehicle that can adjust to a wide assortment of circumstances and territories.

Beside its diesel motor, the Tiguan likewise brags a host highlights and innovations that make it an extraordinary vehicle. From its all-wheel drive framework to its theater setup and more than adequate freight space, this vehicle is intended to be agreeable, protected and enjoyable to drive.

Obviously, similar to some other of the VW diesel cars, the Tiguan has its advantages and disadvantages. While its diesel motor is extremely productive and strong, a few proprietors might view it as without a doubt noisier than gas motors. Likewise, as a smaller SUV, the Tiguan may not be the most reasonable decision for the individuals who need a ton of freight space or who need a bigger, more vigorous vehicle.


Something vital to remember

Regardless of their notoriety, VW diesel cars likewise dealt with issues concerning fumes outflows. In 2015, Volkswagen confessed to introducing programming in vast number of diesel vehicles to swindle outflows tests. This outrage brought about million-dollar fines and extraordinary harm to the brand’s standing.

In any case, Volkswagen has kept on dealing with the improvement of cleaner and more eco-friendly innovations, and stays a main brand in the creation of diesel vehicles. We at Mecanica Diesel might want to pressure that you shouldn’t accept this as something negative, as the organization has worked on a ton as of late regarding this issue.

VW Diesel Cars
VW Diesel Cars