Airtm Crypto

Learn How to Use Airtm Crypto to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Airtm crypto allows you to buy and exchange bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, and dollars through a network of people and various payment methods.

The entire process is done through people who act as authorized operators or “Airtm cashiers”, leaving Airtm to act solely as an intermediary between the two parties.

The platform is available in a large number of Spanish-speaking countries. This is because it is a person-to-person (P2P) network where users can work from anywhere. However, it should be noted that in some countries access may be restricted. In any case. However, you can still access the exchange of bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and dollars by accessing airtm crypto through a VPN.

Likewise, Airtm is an option that allows you to protect your savings from inflation or depreciation of your local currency, since you can quickly and easily buy bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and dollars without any exchange control.

How Does Airtm Work?

Initially, we stated that Airtm is a P2P platform where the exchange takes place between people (peer-to-peer or person-to-person) where the platform acts only as a medium.

Airtm Crypto
Airtm Crypto

But by definition, Airtm is an online dollar wallet, because you can save AirUSDs in your account, which is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that is equal (1:1) to the US dollar. Therefore, the form of exchange is very special.

Airtm certified ATMs are an important part of the operation of a P2P network. Essentially, these are users who have met a specific set of requirements to qualify as a cashier.

They possess balance in different payment methods, be it cryptocurrency, national banks, payment processors or AirUSD, that they use to make the transactions.

The operation of authorized ATMs is as follows:

A user opens an AirUSD position, buy, or sell positions. All authorized cashiers receive a notification of the transaction, and an authorized cashier that has the required liquidity based on the selected payment method will accept the transaction. The system will exchange data, be it an account number, cryptocurrency address, or something else to complete the transaction. Users making AirUSD transactions will have their accounts locked until the transaction is complete, as a security measure so they don’t “run away” with those AirUSDs. When everything is ready, the transaction is validated and the cashier completes the transaction.

How to Register on Airtm

You can create an Airtm account in minutes, all you need is a valid email and that’s it. However, in order to obtain all the benefits that Airtm offers, you must go through the verification process of your account.

For this you will need:

  • ID, passport, or driver’s license. The system requires verification with an ID card.
  • A device with a camera for facial verification. This verification can be done from the Airtm app on your mobile device.

The first step is to go to the main Airtm website and look for the “Join now” button, then follow the instructions. Remember that you can change the language of the site in the EN (English) or ES (Spanish) menu.

How to Deposit Balance in Airtm Crypto?

The concept of balance deposit in Airtm refers to the purchase of a certain amount of AirUSD with your own currency (cryptocurrency, USD, or any other currency). So the first step when depositing (funding) or buying AirUSD is to find the Add/withdraw option in the side menu.

  • Choose the amount and payment method: Here you have to select the payment method you want to deposit. You can choose to send it via bank transfer, payment processor, cryptocurrency, and more. For cryptocurrencies, you can send them to another platform from platforms like Localbitcoins or Uphold, or from an external wallet.

With each payment method, you can see the fee charged for the deposit, which is deducted directly from your AirUSD purchase amount. Example: Paypal will charge you $1.17 for every $100.

  • Submit your request: In this step, you must specify the quantity you wish to purchase. Once you have verified that all the information on your request is correct, click “Submit request” to notify all available cashiers that you wish to make an exchange. When one of them accepts, you will move on to the next step.
  • Confirm Transfer: This is where the necessary data for the operation is shared, such as ATM account numbers, cryptocurrency addresses, etc. After completing the transaction, you must confirm with the cashier to release the funds. At this point the cashier has released the money and you can see your balance in your Airtm wallet. Keep in mind that transactions may require a waiting time since we are talking about a P2P network and the authorized ATM must have the necessary liquidity to accept your request. In addition, the transaction may not be approved for various reasons, and if so, the process will have to be restarted.

How to Buy Bitcoin, Crypto or USD with Airtm Crypto?

With Airtm crypto, a purchase equals a withdrawal, as you are essentially exchanging your AirUSD balance for your chosen payment method. The process of buying Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, or USD, or rather withdrawing money from the Airtm platform, is the same as when you deposit funds into your account. The exception is that you must add the payment method you wish to withdraw the funds to before opening the request.

To add a payment method, find the “Settings” option in the side menu. Then select the Payment methods tab where you will see the Add payment method option.

When you open it, you will see tabs with different categories of payment methods. The data that you must provide for each wallet differs depending on its type. For example: for cryptocurrencies, it is enough to add an address and give a wallet name.

On the other hand, bank details vary depending on the bank you are using and the country. Finally, when you’re happy with the data added, select Add to complete the process. Once your payment method is set up, you can now proceed to withdraw or buy Bitcoin, Crypto, or USD on airtm crypto.

The payment method used must be personal. Airtm does not accept third party account registrations (not in your name).

Airtm Crypto
Airtm Crypto

Send Airusd Between Airtm Accounts

With Airtm, you also have the option to send balance between accounts, i.e., send AirUSD with a username or email address. The process is as simple as selecting the “Send/Request” option from the side menu. The action is basic. To send, simply enter the amount of AirUSD you wish to send. And the email address or username of the receiver. If you want to receive or request a payment of a certain amount, the data will remain unchanged. In this case, the user to whom the request is sent must have confirmed this before the transfer can be completed.

What Fees and Charges: Does Airtm Charge Per Transaction?

Airtm transaction fees are not listed in their FAQ. However, there is a margin of change that many users refer to as a “commission”. This is the difference between the total amount sent and the total amount received between two different payment methods.

When you choose a payment method, you can see the value of said commission. For example, if you send 100 AirUSD, you will receive a Paypal exchange rate of $95. The remaining $5 being the commission. Remember that this difference includes the cashier’s profit as well as the Airtm site commission on the transaction. Therefore, when you create a request, you can see the “fee” for each type of payment, whether it is a withdrawal or a deposit.

The cryptocurrencies currently available on Airtm crypto are:

  • For payment operations and financing between peers. Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar and Zcash.
  • Direct trades. Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, Stellar Lumen, Stellar USDC, Binance USD and Tether
  • Buy and sell from cryptocurrency options. Bitcoin, DAI, Ethereum, Stellar Lumen, Stellar USDC, Binance USD, Tether.

For funding/withdrawal operations, the minimum amount will depend on the cryptocurrency. The minimum transaction limit on the cryptocurrency board may vary due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. In both cases, we recommend simulating the transaction first.

How to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency on Airtm Crypto

Airtm crypto makes it easy to trade cryptocurrencies, by using the “Cryptocurrencies” option on the left panel of your account; you can buy, sell, hold, or send cryptocurrencies using the funds available in your Airtm account. It is important to remember that in order to buy any cryptocurrency, you must have AirUSD available in your balance.

You can add and withdraw funds to and from your Airtm wallet using the direct transfer option: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai (ERC-20), Stellar Lumens, Stellar USDC, Binance USD (ERC-20), Tether (ERC-20).

You can directly transfer from any wallet to your Airtm wallet and vice versa without needing any other parties involved.

Airtm Crypto
Airtm Crypto

Go to Add/Remove and select Add Features. Under “Other Payment Methods”, select Dai, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, or Stellar USDC as your transfer method. Create your cryptocurrency address if you haven’t already. You can use an external wallet to scan the Airtm QR codr enter. OR the airtm crypto address in the external wallet to transfer funds.


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