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Learn About the Benefits of Being a P2P Binance Trader and Earning a Few Extra Bucks Every Month

Binance P2P is an easy-to-use platform that allows a Binance trader to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from other users.

A P2P Binance trader can enjoy special promotions, access to multiple trading tools, verification labels, dedicated customer support, and more.

Peer-to-peer or P2P transactions involve direct cryptocurrency transactions between users without intermediaries or third parties. Unlike traditional exchanges, buying and selling cryptocurrency on the P2P market does not include charts or market indicators.

To provide users with better liquidity and competitive pricing, Binance has launched the Global P2P Trader Program to entice users to buy fiat and cryptocurrencies as a Binance trader on the P2P platform.

If you’re looking for a secure way to trade fiat and crypto within your community, Binance P2P is a great place to start. It provides a fiat currency trading platform for users where you can earn money by posting trade ads and doing P2P transactions.

What Is a P2P Binance Trader?

P2P Binance trader play a key role in the liquidity of the Binance P2P marketplace. They can enjoy more benefits and earn money by providing fiat currency payment solutions on the P2P platform.

  • Security leading industry

Every Binance P2P transaction is made through a secure and fair transaction service. Once a buyer completes an order, their cryptocurrency is temporarily held in a guarantee until both parties confirm that the transaction is complete.

If there are any problems during the transaction, you can file a complaint and customer service will mediate.

  • Exclusive customer service

If you have any questions or concerns about the Binance P2P trading platform, you can quickly seek personal assistance from the Binance customer support team.

Binance Trader
Binance Trader

The team will respond quickly to your request via live chat support.

  • Special promotion only for sellers

Binance P2P often runs special commission discount promotions that, as a Binance trader, only you can access. In addition, they have access to online P2P conferences, events, and webinars.

  • Custom offers

With over 300 payment methods including SEPA, Cash App and bank transfers, and over 70 local fiat currencies, Binance P2P offers a more customizable trading experience than traditional methods like instant trading.

  • Improved listing management

Binance P2P traders can access a number of tools through the merchant portal to better manage listings and trading activity. In addition, they can enjoy the lowest commissions in the market between 0% and 0.35%.

  • Check mark

A verified Binance Trader will have a yellow badge next to their nickname. Verified traders have a higher level of trust and their offers are more visible than the offers of those without a yellow badge.

How To Become a P2P Binance Trader?

Login to your Binance account, click [Trading] – [P2P].

Enter [P2P User Center], click [Become a seller].

You will see a list of requirements, including completing email and SMS verification, completing additional identity verification, and depositing a certain amount of BUSD to your wallet.

Once you have completed all the requirements, please click 【 Apply Now 】 to submit your application. If you meet the requirements, the P2P team will contact you within a few days.

What Is the P2P Binance Trader VIP Program?

The VIP trading program has two levels. All verified sellers will receive VIP level 1 (Verified Seller). Certified sellers who met the following requirements in the previous month will be automatically upgraded to VIP 2 (Premium Merchant) level.

To qualify for VIP 2, you must:

  • Reached a P2P volume level of at least 6 BTC in the previous month.
  • Reached at least 98% of completed P2P transactions in the last 30 days of the previous month.

The VIP level will be recalculated on the 5th of every month and the trade record will be calculated based on the trader’s previous month’s performance.

Block or P2Pro traders are not eligible for the Binance P2P VIP Trader program.

There are 4 types of traders per country that can be identified in the P2P market (this largely depends on the requirements of each trader).

Binance Trader
Binance Trader

Authenticated Seller

Authenticated users do not have logos or images under their pseudonyms; they are those who have passed the intermediate authentication process on the platform. Approved users can be anyone who meets the following conditions to post an offer:

  • Account is older than 30 days.
  • Completed identity verification (KYC) and SMS verification.
  • Completed at least 20 P2P orders.
  • P2P order achievement rate within 30 days is equal to or greater than 80%.
  • History of transactions with at least 10 different counterparties.

If the account does not meet any of these requirements, the user cannot submit new orders; only orders already submitted are accepted.

Authenticated users have a profile where you can see their experience, the number of trades they have made, and the experiences of other users trading with them.

Verified Seller

Verified merchants are characterized by a gold mark next to their nickname and are those who are intended for P2P trading, they are experienced sellers who follow strict vetting procedures proving trading experience, reputation, and customer satisfaction, etc.

These users also commit to upholding their credentials by providing excellent and fast customer service, high levels of activity, mobility, and all compliance standards in their home country.

Verified traders have several advantages, such as a professional team and proprietary tools to manage their business, allowing them to operate more efficiently. They also have privileges and close contact with Binance staff to resolve complaints, and quickly resolve any difficulties.

Block Trader

Block traders, they have the diamond badge, they are also certified or professional traders; the difference is that these users have a deposit of 5000 BUSD. Also, Block traders can execute block trades and place orders with some volume restrictions.

Additionally, Block traders can also trade face to face with fiat currency or cash; these transactions are only approved for certain select traders. In order for them to enable this option, they must have a physical location with adequate security conditions and experience in carrying out such transactions.

PRO trader

Finally, pro traders are also part of the verified trader, but at a corporate level.

Pro traders are exchanges, investment funds, OTC funds, or companies that have a financial license for cryptocurrency business in their country.

To receive this exclusive accreditation, they have demonstrated that they have a solid corporate structure and high compliance with regulatory standards and international anti-money laundering laws, which combined with their high operational capabilities will surely give you a very satisfactory experience.

You can easily find them because their nickname includes the company logo.

Security at Binace

The Binance P2P platform implements various security measures to protect users and their funds. These robust security measures include cryptocurrency guarantee mechanisms, rapid security updates, and 24/7 customer support.

  • The importance of secure transactions

The P2P trading process has evolved significantly since its inception, but it still carries potential risks. To discourage malicious actors and offer users peace of mind, we have implemented several robust security features. Including immediate security updates, merchant verification, guarantee services to protect transactions, and round-the-clock customer support, seven days a week.

  • Custody Services

All online transactions on the Binance P2P platform are protected by the cryptocurrency guarantee service, which is a mechanism to reserve funds for any pending transactions.

When a seller posts a listing, the platform automatically deducts the amount from their wallet. If the seller holds your funds without completing the transaction, the customer support team can release those crypto funds to you.

  • Constant security updates

To ensure the security of the platform and fulfill the ongoing commitment to protect users, they have implemented various security updates on the Binance P2P platform. These measures include stricter order placing, serving requirements, and improved risk management algorithms.

  • Verified Sellers

They use a rigorous review process for all verified sellers to ensure a safer P2P trading experience for users.

  • User training

In addition to the various security features of the platform, they also provide users with a wide range of educational content such as webinars, FAQs, comprehensive guides, and security tips.

Binance Trader
Binance Trader

Tips to Protect Your Trading as a P2P Binance Trader

Some of the best verified P2P traders on Binance specifically list their best tips for securing your P2P transactions.

  • Before trading or paying a seller, always check their reviews and average completion times. To view a user’s P2P activity, you can click on their nickname on the Binance P2P home page. Their user profile will include data such as feedback from other users, 30-day average completion time, and transaction time.
  • Do not release your assets until full payment is received. Don’t let traders trick you into releasing your assets without receiving payment on your account. When a user places an order, the seller’s cryptocurrency is automatically transferred to a temporary guarantee service. This also known as a cryptocurrency guarantee service. If you are the seller in this situation, it is important to ensure that you have received full payment. This through the correct channels before approving the transaction and releasing the assets.
  • Report suspicious transactions. Report any suspicious transactions to the customer support team. If you are suspicious of your trading partner, please cancel the transaction immediately. Consequently, report the user to the Binance customer support team. Be sure to include screenshots of the transaction and any important evidence in your formal claim so they can resolve the dispute.

Verified P2P traders have a unique reputation, a reliable source of funds, and most importantly, a stable history.


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