That is why brokers offer solutions so that investors can trade at any time and from anywhere. The apps to buy stocks allow you to receive notifications of the most important market events. Trade and even analyze charts from a cell phone or tablet.

In a world as globalized as the one we live in today. We must be able to access information instantly, since any slightest event can affect us. Even if it is happening thousands of kilometers away.  The financial markets are no strangers to this globalization and a fall in the American market can affect, for example, Spanish shares.

You can download all the apps below from MecanicaDiesel for free. And you can also try them out for free thanks to. With demo accounts you can use virtual money to make trades and see how the different apps work.

apps to buy stocks
apps to buy stocks


Trive Financial Services Malta LTD. launched TRIVE to offer an advanced investment platform to access global markets through different investment instruments that can help diversify your portfolio.

Invest in thousands of instruments with tight spreads and track your portfolio with detailed information about your trades provided on the platform. In addition, you can access tools such as charts and indicators to help you develop the trading strategy of your choice. This unparalleled platform features Quick Trade. Which facilitates the speed of trading. It also allows you to set customized alerts and it is possible to access Meta Booster, which allows you to enhance the trading experience by adding a kit with new charts, indicators and options that improve the performance of the platform.

TRIVE as one of the apps to buy stocks it offers?

  • Trades stocks, ETFs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and indices.
  • Trades in global markets
  • Leverage
  • Accounts tailored to experience level.
  • Customer support always available





This is one of the oldest apps to buy stocks with more than 15 years of experience in which it has gained the loyalty of nearly 400,000 customers in more than 13 different countries. Its award-winning trading platform allows access to different markets including those where you can invest in stocks or ETFs without management fees.

XTB has an investment tool, xStation, designed by and for XTB clients. On this platform you can find everything you need: from market news, investment ideas and technical indicators.

As mentioned above, you can invest in ETFs and stocks without commissions. But you can also trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices or commodities using CFDs. With XTB’s mobile app you will be able to access more than 1500 CFD markets among all the instruments it offers, from all over the world and from various sectors. This application offers the following features:


  • Do not put limits to your trading: invest in more than 5,200 instruments counting stocks, currencies, ETFs, commodities, indices or cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy stocks and ETFs without management fees.
  • View charts from the app
  • All the information instantly
  • Don’t miss any important events: XTB provides you with an economic calendar from which you can consult the macroeconomic events that will occur in the near future.
  • Make withdrawals and deposits whenever you want.
  • Learn and improve: XTB offers a large library of videos and articles that allow users to acquire knowledge according to their level of experience.
  • Demo account: You can have up to €20,000 virtual.
apps to buy stocks
apps to buy stocks


It is the brand under which works “Freedom Finance Broker Europe Ltd” whose mission is to make securities accessible to all by offering the best investment solutions using the latest digital technologies. Of course, they follow the European MiFID II regulations and are licensed by CySEC in all EU countries, BaFin and SEC. They are also registered with the CNMV.

  • With Freedom24 you can find more than 1,000,000 instruments including stocks, ETFs, options. Futures and more. In addition, you can invest in shares at IPO prices in the secondary market and you can access the 15 largest stock exchanges in America, Europe, and Asia. From its platform you will also be able to access a professional analysis of stocks made by experts, make transactions and operations and manage your portfolio, making it one of the best options among the apps to buy stocks that we will show you in this article.
  • What does FREEDOM24 offer?
  • Invest in stocks in a unique way.
  • More than 1 million instruments available from 15 stock exchanges
  • Savings account
  • Quality platform
  • Extensive customer support




eToro is one of the best apps to buy stocks in existence today. Operating since 2007 and offering its financial services to more than 20 million users in 140 countries worldwide. You can open an account from $50 and start trading stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, ETFs, commodities.

It is a broker known for its activity in social trading. eToro users have at their disposal the possibility to search, follow or copy other users if they are interested in or like their way of trading. Therefore, eToro not only offers its users the option to invest directly in the instruments of their choice, but also offers its CopyPortfolios tool. And this broker has the following features:

  • Invest in stocks without commissions.
  • Get the main cryptocurrencies.
  • Join their investment community: you can share impressions, information or opinions with other investors, follow those whose investment is most interesting to you and even copy them if you think they are doing a good operation.
  • All the tools at your fingertips
  • Receive personalized information.
  • Secure: The privacy of user data is one of eToro’s main concerns, which is why it uses highly advanced encryption technology that meets strict standards to protect your privacy.




Admirals has been bringing the world of trading to the public for 20 years. It offers trading services on more than 8,000 instruments through Forex and using CFDs on indices, commodities, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies.

Another of its features to highlight is that they have a worldwide presence through regulated companies through which they try to offer an operation that complies with the regulations of each place.

The Admirals app has been designed by the company as a whole. Its main function is to bring trading to customers anytime, anywhere. From it, users will be able to access a wide range of instruments including currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies and ETFs. In addition, they can also use CFDs for trading, but always bearing in mind that they are a very risky instrument with which they could lose all or part of their capital.

Within the apps to buy stocks, Admirals has an interface with simple lines that allow you to navigate through it finding the different menus quickly. The company also strives to protect the user’s privacy by using secure processes that do not allow your data to be shared publicly.

What can you find in Admirals?

  • Wide variety of tools available
  • Receive constant and updated information.
  • Different tools at your fingertips
  • Customize your charts: in all the apps mentioned on the site you can access charts and other technical analysis tools, as well as use various indicators.
  • Trade from anywhere
  • Use a demo account or a live account
  • Multilingual platform




Since DEGIRO started offering its services to retail investors in 2013 it has managed to expand to 18 countries across Europe, gaining more than 2 million investors. As stated on its website, thanks to its competitive commission structure it has managed to become one of the most prominent apps to buy stocks in Europe. Its award-winning trading platform gives its users access to more than 50 markets in which they can invest using stocks, options, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds from around the world.

With the DEGIRO app you can consult your portfolio from anywhere and at any time. It also allows you to perform trading operations, placing orders of different types by indicating the desired total amount or the number of shares you want to acquire, for example. It will also allow the consultation of the price of different assets in markets around the world and the creation of lists of favorites that will help the investor to follow the instruments, assets or markets that most interest him to know the news that affect them. As we have been doing with all these applications, we will now see what this broker can offer:

  • Real-time quotes.
  • Trade different instruments in markets all over the world.
  • Trade stocks and ETFs from 0€.
  • Consult the analysis tools from the app: you can consult diverse types of information from the app to perform a detailed fundamental analysis before making a decision on whether or not to purchase an asset.
  • Analyst opinions in the palm of your hand
  • Don’t forget the most important events
  • Cutting-edge technology: facial recognition, fingerprint reader and two-step verification.




Trade republic was founded in 2015 to try to make investing simple. Safe, and accessible to everyone. As a result. It has managed to have more than 1 million customers worldwide. With €6 billion in assets invested. You can operate from only 1 €. In this broker you can invest through its web platform or app in stocks, ETFs, investment plans, cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

In just 3 minutes you can open an account and trade from their platforms both on the web and on Android or iOS. From the platform you will be able to make trades, manage the account, deposit and withdraw money, study the market. U se the analysis tools and more in this apps to buy stocks.

In addition, being regulated in Germany through the BaFin your account is protected up to €100,000 in case the entity goes bankrupt.

  • Trade multiple instruments from the same place
  • No order fees on investment plans
  • Manage your account from wherever you want.
  • Speed and velocity
apps to buy stocks
apps to buy stocks

Why do I need an app to invest in the stock market?

Although most brokers allow you to trade from their app, as you may have deduced. It is much more convenient to do it from the computer platform.

It is true that from the app version you can carry out practically the same activity as from the desktop version. The study tools can be used in the app. But for detailed analysis it is much better to do it with a large screen where you can use the indicators and other study tools. In addition, the use of some tools may be limited depending on the app. However, it may occur to you at a specific moment to note something on a chart or need to consult some variation, the apps to buy stocks could help you.

Another aspect to take into account is that they allow you to carry out trading operations if you need to operate when you are not at home. Although you will have no problem entering all the data as if you were in the desktop version.

The truth is that if you are on the move you could lose the connection. Your operation will not be carried out. Therefore, we recommend at MecanicaDiesel. That before making any movement in the app. Make sure that your connection is good and that you will be able to carry out the operation.

By Armando